Our passion for bamboo clothing

Our passion for bamboo clothing


Lately, we decided to introduce clothing for your little ones. The idea behind it was that we recently had a baby (well, not "that" recent anymore). Our little one is 6 months old and only when we had her, we were introduced to the world of sensitive skin, overheating, sweat irritation, eczema,  rashes etc. When searching for solutions, we figured "bamboo clothing" was the one she was most comfortable in and slept really well.

Digging into this world of bamboo, we found that bamboo fabric has natural thermal-regulating properties, meaning it helps keep the body cool in hot weather and warm in colder weather. It provides insulation without feeling heavy, making it versatile for different climates and weather-friendly due to its natural properties. We kept trying different fabric materials for our baby, organic cotton, 100% cotton, various natural creams etc etc, but closely observing our baby we realized it was bamboo clothing she was enjoying the most. 

Living in Canada, we find the weather, particularly during certain seasons, can be extremely drying for the skin. For these reasons, we decided to always keep our baby in bamboo clothing. While we were figuring this out, we realized, there were not a lot of "great" options for baby bamboo clothing here in Canada. Shipping from other countries was a big break in the bank due to duties (and I am definitely guilty of paying really huge amount in duties, which I could have honestly spent of other useful things).

Hence, alas we decided to have bamboo clothing options for kiddos on our shop. We researched and are slowly introducing bamboo clothing from various stores (who we truly believe in) from different parts of world on our store. Each item we are selling is closely inspected for quality and comfort. We are a very small business, basically a husband wife team running an online shop from Ottawa, Canada and we have a dream to have a small community of like minded parents helping and growing with each other :).

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